Meeting Minutes: 16 Mar 2022

The Santa Fe Stargazers convened for their regular monthly meeting  at 7 PM MST on 16 Mar 2022.

Links to presentations:

This evening we had many new members joining us for the first time: we are glad to have you with us!

Following an introduction of new members, Jim Eagle gave the Monthly Sky Report

Jim Baker gave the evening’s feature presentation “When Galaxies Collide.”

Following an extended discussion after Jim Baker’s presentation we had a brief business meeting:

  • Outreach:
    • A May 15-16 total lunar eclipse is begins at about 8:30 PM MDT, which is perfect for an evening outreach, covid permitting. Everyone is encouraged to mark the date on their calendar. Jim Baker, assisted by Robert Powers, will coordinate the event.
  • Observing:
    • We have an ok from the Galisteo Basin Preserve leadership to hold our first club observe on Sat 2 Apr. Jim Eagle will distribute more details as the date approaches.
  • Programming:
    • Featured speakers are in place for April (Mike Jacobs on solar observing) & May (Albert Shultz on the Milky Way), and tentatively June and July (archeoastronomy and lighting for night sky protection). Monthly Sky Report presenters are required all these dates.

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