Contact Us!

Would you like to join the Santa Fe Stargazers, or one of its working groups?

Joining the Santa Fe Stargazers is as simple as joining our Membership Mailing List and participating in our meetings. Our monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month (except for August, November, and December) at 7:00 PM at the Vista Grande Public Library. [During the Covid-19 pandemic we are meeting virtually via zoom, and will meet in August and November.]

As a member you’ll be able to join club working groups, which are responsible for the nitty-gritty of event planning.

Members can also join our Member’s Discussion List. Separate from the Membership Mailing List, which is used to circulate information on club meetings, any member can post to the Discussion List. Information on subscribing to the Discussion List will accompany the welcome e-mail you get when you subscribe to the Membership Mailing List. 

Would you like to keep informed about Santa Fe Stargazers Public Outreach Events?

We have a mailing list just for you! We post information on all Santa Fe Stargazers public events on our Announcements Mailing List. You can also visit our website’s Outreach Events page for a handy calendar showing upcoming event details.

Would you like to contact the Santa Fe Stargazers about hosting an event for you, or contributing to your special event by providing telescopes and knowledgeable docents and star-guides?

The Santa Fe Stargazers are available to host stargazing events – with telescopes and guided tours of the sky – for you and your guests. For more information, contact our Events Coordinator.

Do you have other questions or comments for us?

We’re here! Contact the Club President, who will be happy to assist you directly or by putting you in contact with the right club member(s) or groups.