The Santa Fe Stargazers are committed to helping novices launch successfully into amateur astronomy. When starting to pursue this new hobby, all of us face a steep learning curve that, especially on the technology side, becomes more complex with every passing year. Santa Fe Stargazers who have long experienced the joys and occasional frustrations of amateur astronomy are here to help beginners.

The first step is to answer your questions, whether simple or complicated, such as:

  • What are declination and right ascension?
  • How do I get my new telescope to work properly?
  • What are “deep space objects,” and how do I find them with my telescope?
  • What should I buy for my first telescope, and how much will it cost?
  • How can I observe the sun safely?
  • What are the most useful websites for amateur astronomy?

Some questions can be answered with a phone call or email. Others like problems with telescopes need a face-to-face visit with you. Whatever it takes, we have members who are ready to help you along the learning curve.

If you are a beginner who needs some information or help, you can send an email with your question and contact preferences by clicking here.


Once a year, we hold an open Beginners Meeting Check invite from the latest one here!