Santa Fe Stargazers and the Academy for Technology and The Classics

On March 2 the Santa Fe Stargazers set-up their ‘scopes at the Academy for Technology and The Classics (ATC) for a night of student Moon and star gazing. In addition to being a kick-off event for the ATC Astronomy Club, it was also the kick-off for the SFS’s 2020 Outreach Season. Approximately 200 students took advantage of the opportunity to look through seven telescopes at the Moon (including the Apollo 11 landing site!), the planet Venus, double-star systems, open clusters, and nebulae.

Many thanks to Gabriel Pendas, ATC Science Teacher and SFS Club Member for arranging this event, and Gabriel, Jim Baker, F.M. Patorni, Jim Eagle, Tom Aldern, Robert Powers, and Sam Finn for providing ‘scopes and acting as night sky guides for the students!

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