Santa Fe Stargazers at Fort Union National Monument

Fort Union National Monument
Waiting and watching for the advance of the Texas Rebels

On 25 May 2019, the Fort Union National Monument held one of its Summer “Night Sky Astronomy Program events”.  The program included a twilight guided tour of the old fort remnants, an introduction to the night sky and telescope viewing from Fort Union’s Celestron 11 and 8 inch SCTs, and augmented by Santa Fe Stargazer 

member’s Brad Jones (C11) and Tom Aldern (10” Dobsonian).  Twenty-seven public attendees enjoyed clear, dark skies and calm winds while being introduced to numerous celestial objects including Mizar/Alcor, M3, the Leo Triplet, M13, M57, Jupiter and numerous constellations.  The addition of the two Santa Fe Stargazer telescopes ensured that attendees had ample opportunity to observe a variety of objects with minimum wait time.  Brad also enjoyed sharing “old star stories” while Tom heard “creative” big bang interpretations from an eight-year-old future astronomer.  All agreed the program was a complete success and we look forward to supporting the next scheduled program on 29 June.

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